Terms and Conditions of Delivery

  1. If the delievery address is a residential address, the parcel, including the height, width and length cannot exceed 300cm and its weight cannot exceed 20 kg. If the parcel exceeds the limit, customers must collect their pracel(s) from the scs ec logisitc centre or have it delivered to an industrial address.

  2. When collecting your parcel, please provide your barcode and or qr code.

  3. To aviod confusions, all orders have to be collected in one go.

  4. Littering is strictly prohibited within any area of the building and scs logistic centre.

  5. Please bring your own bag while collecting your parcel.

  6. The delivery company of scs ec logistic center is scs express and or hong kong post express.

  7. When delievering to residential address, scs ec delivery centre delegates hong kong post for delievery, all customers must abide by the guidelines and rules of hong kong post. For more details, please refer to the link.

  8. Parcels that are being delivered by hong kong post, if, for any reasons cannot be deliveried, customers have to collect their parcels at hong kong post within 14 days. Parcels will be returned to scs ec logisitic centre after 14 days, a hk$60 admin fee will be charged upon collection at scs ec logisitic centre.

  9. SCS express will attempt to delivery the parcels for up to four days, if unable to contact the recipent, the parcel will be returned to our logistic centre for collection, a hk$60 admin fee will be charged.

  10. Parcels have to be collected within three working days of arrival at the SCS logistic centre, a hk$20 storage fee will incur per working day.

  11. When the parcel has been handed over to hong kong post, customers cannot alter the address of delivery.

  12. Air post: A single parcel cannot exceed the maximum weight of 70kg; merge order cannot exceed 200kg. For parcels that exceed the weight of 200 kg, customers have to make two separate orders.

  13. There is no delivery service on saturday afternoon, sundays and public holiday.

  14. If customers have provided an address that does not belong to the recipents’s work place or residentail address, hence leading to failure of delievery or any other problems, SCS eC logisitic centre will not be responsible for it.

  15. There is no pre-delivery notice for industrial addresses, customers can request such service when creating an order, under the section of ‘receipent information – delivery note’.

  16. If the delivery address provided by the customers does not have a lift, customers will be contacted to collect their parcel on the ground floor.

  17. If customers have provided an address that is incorrect leading to failure of delievery, the parcel will be returned to the SCS eC logistic centre for collection. The difference between the cost of delivery and collection will not be refunded.

  18. If the parcel is damaged or lost, and that it was deemed to be SCS eC responsibilitiy, the highest reimbursment is 100usd or the value shown on the receipt, whichever is lower. For more information, please refer to the (standard trading conditions).

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